Steven Kinley
Senior Full Stack Web Developer & Linux System Administrator
Steven Kinley
Senior Full Stack Web Developer & Linux System Administrator
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I enjoy solving problems, especially when the solution defies convention.

I genuinely enjoy the challenge of solving problems, especially when the solution defies convention.


16 years of Web Development
- Frontend & Backend: PHP, HTML, JavaScript (jQuery), CSS (SASS, LESS)
14 years of PHP & Drupal experience
- Drupal 6, 7 & 8. I've written many custom Drupal modules.
10 years of Linux experience
- Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat & CentOS. The terminal is my second
 9 years of Server Administration
- Apache, NGINX, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Memcache
 6 years of E-Commerce
- Shopify app & theme development along with custom integration solutions
~1 year of Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Node.js
- AWS: S3, EC2, SES, Rekognition. Have utilized Node.js for various tasks from code compilation to web scraping.


Undefeated Inc.

Full time: March 2012 - Present

As a team of one, I built the website and all of the backend tools that helped Undefeated achieve 2x sales growth year after year. To cope with the enormous traffic, a product catalog exceeding 100k, and a never-ending fight against fraud and auto-purchasing bots, I created numerous custom tools to keep operations running smoothly.
Advanced Fraud Filter / Blacklist
Compares incoming orders against a list of known fraudulent orders using a custom algorithm that goes well beyond simple text matching. This allows extreme accuracy in detecting repeat offenders saving more than $12,000 per month.
Automatic Product Classification & Tagging
Keeps new and existing products correctly classified and tagged in Shopify eliminating 8+ hours of work a week.
Duplicate Order Cancellation Tool
Allows canceling of orders from customers attempting to purchase multiple one-per-customer products. It uses my algorithm to perform fuzzy matching of order information allowing it to catch more orders than standard filters. This garners customer loyalty by preventing bots from depleting inventory.
Shopify Bug Mitigation
To work around a Shopify bug and prevent shipping canceled orders, I built a tool to cross-reference canceled orders in Shopify with Shipstation. This saved more than $15,000 in merchandise.
Automatic Image Processor & Uploader for Shopify
Point it at a folder of product images and it will automatically resize (for multiple screen sizes), optimize (reduce file size while preserving quality), tag and upload the images to Shopify. It can handle thousands of product images at once saving 20+ hours of work a week.

Full time: November 2008 - February 2012; Consulting & Contract Work: July 2012 - Present

I built numerous sites ranging from micro-sites to a site for an investment firm to a large multi-site project for Henry Mayo Hospital.
Henry Mayo Hospital
This project included two Drupal based sites: one that provided information about the hospital's services, the other supported their community programs including fundraising.
Harumika provided a place where children could customize their virtual dolls online. It was powered by Flash and required an API backend for handling all the user account management, data storage, etc.

Side projects:

I'm learning Python for use with my Anki Vector and several Raspberry Pi projects

Fun fact:

I created this resume as a self-contained web page using HTML + CSS. This means you can download the page and view it offline or email it, and everything will still work. You can even print it out! (in most browsers) :D